Who we are

Dr. Shuaiwen Leon Song

SOAR Faculty Fellow, Director of FSA

Our mascot!

Roly Poly Song

Our lovely mascot! His specialty is sleeping hard.

Alan Robertson

Ph.D Student, Quantum Computing, Xanadu Intern

Donglin Zhuang

MPhil and upcoming Ph.D Student, ML system Design (Alibaba student fellow and Google Brain collaborator)

Haojun Xia

Ph.D Student, Accelerators, ML co-design, sparsity, large models scalability and acceleration (Alibaba Student Fellow, Google Brain collaborator)

Xie Li

Ph.D Student, Heterogeneous Memory Architecture Acceleration (ARC DP)

Yuben Yang

USYD Masters, upcoming Ph.D, Software-Hardware Co-Design, Bayesian Acceleration

Charlie/Zhongzhu Zhou

Ph.D Student, Comprehensive Optimisation of Deep Learning: Efficient and Effective Algorithm and System Design (Co-supervised by Yibo@JD@KAUST)

Lilian Hunt

Honours Student, Quantum Error Suppression

Andrew Esteban

Honours Student, Quantum Compilation

Adam Ghanem

MPhil student, ML System Design and Optimisation (co-advised with Sara Hooker and Amir Yazdanbakhsh @ Google Brain)

Haowen Gao

Honours Student, Dalyell scholar, Neural Architecture Search (NAS)

Jeffery Sun

Masters Student, Meta-verse VR/AR Co-Design

Chengying Huan

Visiting student at FSA, Novel Graph Acceleration Engines.

Dr. Yuval Sanders

Affiliated Researcher, postdoc at UTS, Quantum Algorithm.

Yufei Yang

Masters student, AR/VR Software Layer Design

Past Mentored Students / Alumni

  • Ang Li, previously postdoc at PNNL, now senior research scientist at PNNL
  • Xingyao (Leo) Zhang, previously co-mentored with Michael Taylor at U of Washington, now a research scientist at Google Seattle
  • You Yang, mentored him for 2 years when Dr. Song was at PNNL. He graduated from UC Berkeley and now a CS assistant professor@ NUS
  • Junqiao Qiu, intern 2016-2017, now assistant professor @Michigan Tech
  • Chenhao Xie, postdoc 2017-now, postdoc@PNNL, soon to be assistant professor
  • Zijun Hui, USYD 2020-2021 research internship, now at ETH Zurich
  • Eric Brugel, 2015-2016, now at Google
  • Dipanjon Sangupta, mentored from 2014-2016, now at Intel Research
  • Lingda Li, Postdoc, Rutgers University, 2015 spring, now a research scientist @ Brookheaven National Lab
  • Dingwen Tao, intern 2015-2017, now an assistant professor @ UNSW
  • Chao Li, intern 2014-2017, now a research scientist @NVIDIA
  • Probir Roy, research intern 2016-2018, now an assistant professor@ U of Michigan Dearborn
  • Heng Zhang, visiting researcher 2020-now, senior research scientist @ Chinese Academy of Science
  • Roland Gorzkowski, 2015-2016 intern, now at Facebook

Some Recent Papers

  • [ICS'16] "SFU-Driven Transparent Approximation Acceleration on GPUs."
    Ang Li, Shuaiwen Leon Song, Mark Wijtvliet, Akash Kumar, Henk Corporaal. In 30th ACM International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS). (Interesting concept about approximation units on modern many-core architectures and how they collaborate together in system to achieve dynamic performance-accuracy trade-offs.)

  • [HPDC'16] "SMT-Aware Instantaneous Footprint Optimization."
    Probir Roy, Xu Liu, Shuaiwen Leon Song. In 25th ACM international Symposium on High-Performance and Distributed Computing (HPDC). (Identifying, debugging and fixing false sharing on multicore processors.)